You've Gotta Wise Up

For Chist's Sake Take Care Of Yourself

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4 a.m.
 "Maybe all this time, we've been held down by the heavy weights of our own thoughts. Maybe all this time we've searched around, it's been so long, that we forgot, what we want, what we want, what we want, what we want we already got."

Sometimes, I feel torn, like i'm so young that there's no use in making plans- in loving someone- in being disappointed, but  also i feel so old like i am ready for someone to love me- to have sleepy couch days. But it's so strange, to put a broken heart behind you, and you look at this mangled thing it used to be, and it's better, it doesn't throb and ache constantly, but it's not being used in the way it was intended.
being awake, this late, without being intoxicated, and being alone, make me think about these things, and wonder if maybe it's something i'm doing wrong?

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you're not doing anything wrong, all you're doing is trying and that's all anyone can do, anyway

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