You've Gotta Wise Up

For Chist's Sake Take Care Of Yourself

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Sometimes, only sometimes..

Some people will never read the fifteen page letter you wrote them, but two months later will say they are leaving someone, just like you are doing, and try to kiss, try to imply things without the words that will trap them in their doings. These are the people that you can not hold on to, no matter how many pinky promises you makes or late night drunken phone calls where you cry because you are lost.

And then you’ll meet someone, maybe when you’re going into work so hung over you can barely drink soda without feeling puke in the back of your throat. They’ll give you there number and ask you out on a date, you’ll go and spend every day for the next couple weeks kissing them all over. You’ll visit your hometown and slow dance in your living to Wonderful Tonight and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t tell you this enough but that you are wonderful every night.


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